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Honestly, I’ve gotten so good at faking emotions that I miss the mark and go a little overboard usually. That’s why I come off as hyper and awkward and annoying. Just before, I saw something that made me feel nothing, but it used to make me feel everything. So I talked myself into thinking it was really sad to the point where I started crying. But I felt nothing at all. That scares the shit out of me.





Girl is pioneer at quarterback for Florida High School

That first picture just fills me with such joy and a feeling of hope.


It’s the last picture that gets me. Her eyes are off reading the defense, because she’s not handing off to the RB, that’s a fake. She’s the QB and she’d doing her goddamn job and she’s doing it well. GET IT GIRL.

“Everybody says, ‘What happens when she gets hit?’ ” Gatewood said. “This isn’t a knock on Erin, but she’s bigger than 10 kids on my team. I have a wide receiver that weighs 25 pounds less than her. And the pads she wears are the same as the pads he wears.”

This is the only context in which football matters to me


This is so hot.

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